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Featuring Ulf Nilseng

Camera assistant: Josua Josua


Featuring Yvan Novak as M

Additional cameras: Eili Bråstad Johannessen, Isabelle Wagner

Assistant: Josua Josua

A marriage and heavy abstraction of two stories from Heimskringla and Håvamål.


featuring Ulf Nilseng

camera and editing assistant Josua Josua

NB This work has been censored by Youtube for the second time. I am working hard to get it back up again. In the meantime, here is a short recorded outtake of the original work, which is a continuously running, slowly changing video stream. 


The simple ticks and tocks of a mechanical clock are the basic building blocks of this composition. The clock's sound is captured by a contact microphone. It is then dramatically transformed through various forms of sampling, processing and spectral synthesis. All of the sounds in this piece are constructed in real time from one or more ticks from the clock. The work is intended as a deep de- and reconstruction of the clock's mechanically driven acoustic output, and of its metric structuring of time.




tel: 0047 4022072

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